Vietnamese Civ?

2021.10.27 10:21 AhYahSuhNice Vietnamese Civ?

I was curious about some voice actors and checked out the AOE 4 page on IMDB. There is an entry for "Vietnamese Villager" spoken by Freya Fox. Could this be part of the campaign or does it indicate a Vietnamese civ for a potential future dlc?
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2021.10.27 10:21 General_Himself cinema staff 「海底/Undersea」 MV 😍

Can't wait for Historia on a rainy day 😆
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2021.10.27 10:21 ReapWutYouSow I run a niche subbreddit for those more musically inclined called /r/LyricalWriting. I think it may be a good resource for those music minded writers

Come check us out and share your expertise and maybe learn a thing or two over at /LyricalWriting
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2021.10.27 10:21 SpaceLaunchSchedule Juno's New Findings Press Conference

Juno’s New Findings Press Conference is scheduled for Thursday, October 28th, 2021, 7:00 PM EDT
NASA will hold a virtual media briefing to discuss the latest results from the agency’s Juno spacecraft. The science team will reveal new findings that provide the first 3D look at how the planet’s roiling atmosphere
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2021.10.27 10:21 Catholic_Daily Sent Forth by Christ

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2021.10.27 10:21 hoogilyhoog How the neighbours will find out we mooned this week.

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2021.10.27 10:21 Demony83 Hey guys, I want to remove infinity CFW but it gets stucka t 99% then goes bacl to 84%, I don't know what to do

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2021.10.27 10:21 Melodic-Barnacle8756 I GOT POCHITCHI 🐶Wish me luck 🍀

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2021.10.27 10:21 ballozi_watchfaces LIMITED COUPONS for New BALLOZI CERTES

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2021.10.27 10:21 Cunny1989 Is there anywhere in Galway City that does metal prints?

i.e I need a logo printed on a piece of stainless steel. Kinda like a no smoking sign
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2021.10.27 10:21 Dobbyharry At someone point this will be needed for all

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2021.10.27 10:21 Agitated_Bug417 I'm anxious, catastrophizing, and spiraling

Not talking to my ex has been the most difficult thing to do. I have wanted so much to reach out, I've missed seeing her face on my phone screen, calling her in my lunch breaks, keeping up with her day to day.
But last night a new fear crept into my head - I don't know how she's portraying me and what's worse, I can't know how she views me.
I've seen how she talks about people when she feels they've wronged her, and as the dumper I'm sure she feels that I have.
She has lied about conversations we had to my face, so I can't imagine what picture she's painting of me to others. I've seen how she talks about her parents, how she disregards even her friends, and will almost attack and ostracize people she doesn't like online. And now there's nothing I can do about it other than constantly bother our one mutual friend, who I also worry has this new perception of me despite saying he doesn't. She is willing to throw anyone under the bus to make herself look better and this is now a fight that I cannot contend to.
And yet, regardless of all of that, I don't want her to hate me. The thought of that guts me. For some reason I value what she thinks of me so much and I just want to talk to her about it. I don't want to not be the villain in this story because I'm afraid of the implications, I don't want to be the villain because I don't want her to view me that way. I want her to see me as the equal that she loved so much when we started dating.
Of course she might not be doing this at all. I am likely catastrophizing, as I'm wont to do. I can't decide what's valid concern and what's being blown out of proportion, but no matter what I'm not going to know or find out. I just wish I could talk to her again. Call her when I can't sleep. Even though the thing keeping me up are thoughts of her.
This sucks
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2021.10.27 10:21 Traditional-Figure88 I coded minecraft in 2d

you can find i in
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2021.10.27 10:21 thisisminee Quitting a job text help?

Hi guys!
It' s time for me to quit one of my parttime jobs to instead go on to another. I know it' s common to quit and move on, and I also know antiwork has kind of some extreme (yet reasonable) texts lately where they quit. But if I am to keep this bridge and possibly also get a referance out of this job, how should I write the text? My boss and me work in seperate cities and have never met each other irl, we have also only ever facetimed twice and talked a few times on the phone when there is a problem, so I think a text would be the best and easiest option.
The problem is that I've never quit a job before, so I'm not really sure how to go about writing the text. So far I have written that things are getting busy for me the rest of the year, adding in a little thanks for the opportunity to work with them, and that I'll work out the next two weeks, is there anything else I should include or some of it that i should exclude?
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2021.10.27 10:21 mumasmusic Helu - Varisema (One-track album. One of many great albums from a favorite label - Art As Catharsis)

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2021.10.27 10:21 According-Reach-6175 What do you think Scaramouche's role be?

I really hope he's a dps! But i want to see other people's predictions.
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2021.10.27 10:21 thelostbagofcum Made a glass painting

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2021.10.27 10:21 Celeiro100 "Never Skip Brain Day" Pewdiepie esculachando um carioca que colocou óleo nos músculos

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2021.10.27 10:21 rarakoko7 BBIG I keep buying and accumulate share. At sale price of 5.09 bought 800 more shares and will keep doing. Buy hold repeat.

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2021.10.27 10:21 Busy-Satisfaction-27 el cambiemita mas liberal de kambiemos

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2021.10.27 10:21 pizzathehutttts First look of HBO's "The Last of Us" series!

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2021.10.27 10:21 crumbbelly I painted a tiny landscape of the view exiting Nada Tunnel

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2021.10.27 10:21 LazavTheMultifarious It happened AGAIN?!

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2021.10.27 10:21 ethereqldreams [O levels] pure physics

i’m very worried for tmr because i have never passed my pure physics before?? obtained a d7 for prelims and honestly have no idea on what to expect for tmr how are you guys preparing? grinding on content or?? lmk! i’m honestly so burnt out
ignore the + signs they’re for the character count +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
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2021.10.27 10:21 atriggerfisch Collant hose replacement

I bought my 2015 Cooper S 4-door hardtop (F55) on October 15th. Yesterday it seems a collant hose popped off, spraying collant everywhere and overheating the engine before I could pull over. I had it towed back to where I bought it (mini dealership in my city). I normally might try another mechanic, but since I've had the car under 2 weeks ago, I'm hoping they will treat me well since I'm already having this problem.
The car was cared for seemingly perfectly by the previous owner. New brakes and other odds and ends. I'm not thinking straight so I can't find my paperwork from the sale to see if this was repaired (I'm sure it's in the drawer of important papers, but I'm just not seeing it through the constant stream of tears).
Any advice for dealing with the dealership? Any reference points for how much this may cost? I realize service and sales are different departments. I left a message for my sales associate already. I'm trying to remain calm and polite, but I'm...well, I have other things going on in my life right now but I did cry for about 6 hours yesterday, and then woke up at 2am to cry some more, so I'm maybe not the most pleasant to deal with.
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