Is the fighting fires snippet Frank Ocean?

2021.10.27 10:48 Yeezus2Yandhi Is the fighting fires snippet Frank Ocean?

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2021.10.27 10:48 FlexMissile99 Academics say my PhD is 'really interesting' but they can't supervise?

I'm a prospective humanities PhD student (in English Literature) and have been talking to several professors (in the UK) about possibly doing a PhD at their institutions. Part of the process for UK applications, is that you have to submit a polished research proposal - similar to what I believe you do in year 2 in the USA - and I've been attaching a draft of it to these professors to check that what I want to focus on is something they'd be interested in and feel they could supervise.
Unfortunately, almost every professor I've contacted has said they do NOT feel they could supervise it. The reason they give is that it is a very niche project which requires specific expertise (which is true, but I thought they had this). However, they all assure me that it is 'really interesting' research, implying that they think the project is worthwhile.
Should I be reading between the lines here that my project isn't viable? I'm finding it difficult to know how seriously to take the 'really interesting' bit since it sounds to me like exactly the sort of thing someone would just put in an email just to be nice, rather than a sincere reflection of the projects caliber. Do any English Literature professors have advice for how to interpret this, and perhaps what to do next in terms of finding someone who's enthusiastic about the project?
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2021.10.27 10:48 Decandra Comic: Framed

hi, i just made the first chapter of my manga, hope you guys like it!
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2021.10.27 10:48 GuilleXD123 Se nos va un grande. Siempre te recordaremos Ash

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2021.10.27 10:48 Exitmorelikeentrance SHIBARMY WE BLEW PASSED UNISWAP/BINACE ATH LAST IS COINBASE ATH .00009 then .0001

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2021.10.27 10:48 queenbeecanadas Happy 13th Birthday My Beautiful Baby Girl Pace

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2021.10.27 10:48 Havvocck2 NYPD cop admits filing report after Eric Garner chokehold death claiming his sale of loose cigarettes was a felony was ‘total mistake’

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2021.10.27 10:48 impossiblefunky [MOVIES] The Projection Booth Podcast | Episode 544: The Medusa Touch (1978)

The Projection Booth Podcast // iTunes // Stitcher // Soundcloud // Google Play // I <3 Radio
Shocktober 2021 continues with a look at Jack Gold’s The Medusa Touch (1978). It’s the story of John Morlar (Richard Burton) a man with a special gift who is "murdered" in the first few minutes of the film. It then becomes an investigation by Detective Brunel (Lino Ventura ) who tries to learn more about Morlar, who murdered him, and why. Agatha Luz and Jeff Meyers join Mike to discuss psychic films, "dogs" of 1978, and more.
Twitter // Facebook // Instagram
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2021.10.27 10:48 madman12r Vidhya mommy

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2021.10.27 10:48 lukalux3 United States issues its 1st passport with 'X' gender marker

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2021.10.27 10:48 starchemy Story time

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2021.10.27 10:48 goncalomoita17 Judgement 👀 💦💦💦

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2021.10.27 10:48 procryptoclass Over $900 Million Liquidated Today as Market Cap Loses $150 Billion

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2021.10.27 10:48 Grayson343 The way these new Batman movies don’t line up properly

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2021.10.27 10:48 UnDead_Ted Daily Dose: Verse of the day: Matthew 10:16

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2021.10.27 10:48 Ticklock [WTS] Accutron 218 - Railroad Approved - 1976

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2021.10.27 10:48 pickled-egg Subsidising the spread of COVID-19: Evidence from the UK’S Eat-Out-to-Help-Out Scheme* | The Economic Journal

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2021.10.27 10:48 de_donker SmartChain, dumbest blockchain

Due to Binances idiotic minimum transfer amount of 0.05BNB currently, it's genuinely hard to defend this coin and platform. I have Tether stuck in my Trust Wallet in a sort of limbo because I don't have enough SmartChain to cover the fees to convert or send, that part I have no issue with, every blockchain uses it's native coin for fees. But the stupidest part is how to get it.
Current minimum withdrawal of BNB on the app is 0.05 which is roughly just under $23. Just think about it, if you have say $15 of a BEP20 coin and want to convert it to something else. You'd have to buy $23 worth of BNB just to meet the minimum limit so that you can cover the $0.16 fee of SmartChain. Utterly ridiculous. Cryptos want to take over the financial sector and get rid of banks with this? Don't make me laugh, not even the worst of banks have these types of red tape
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2021.10.27 10:48 AlternativeClue4905 Contacte

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2021.10.27 10:48 Mikardo88 How do cleaning firms make a profit?

I have looked at some local cleaning firms (domestic and office space cleaning) and cannot work out how these businesses make any money.
A labour rate of £15 an hour is typical in my area. Taking into consideration a minimum wage for an adult over the age of 23 is £8.91 (soon to be £9.50), plus national insurance costs, plus pension contributions, the cleaning materials and products are included in the labour rate on top of the fuel costs for travelling to jobs and maintenance of the vehicles etc.
Can someone tell please me how on earth these businesses make any money?! The numbers don’t add up.
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2021.10.27 10:48 TheTrueTeller Returning Player

Hello fellow hentai enjoyers! So as the title says, I’m coming back to league after an almost 2 year layoff. I played a TON of our kraken priestess, so I’ve been wanting to get back into the one lady gang bang. Obviously I can tell that no abilities have changed (at least not much), but have our strengths changed? Still an amazing duelist? Is the lvl 6 2v1 still orgasmic? I’m still working on learning the new items, what are you guys going for Illaoi? Thanks!
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2021.10.27 10:48 AlexsterCrowley TIL that in response to rising wages as the Black Death led to a shortage of workers, King Edward III of England passed the rather draconian 'Statute of Labourers' in 1351 that made requesting or offering higher wages than pre-pandemic levels an imprisonable offence.

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2021.10.27 10:48 zordee I feel so overwhelmingly guilty about missed appointment

I had an appointment I was supposed to go to today with my psychologist. And I totally intended to go, I didn't intentionally avoid going. I like going, a lot. But as I was waiting for the time I usually get ready for them, I happened to decide I should lay down and rest while awake, an absolutely terrible idea especially because I hadn't slept for literally 3 days. Next thing I know it's 5 hours passed appointment time and I wake in a panic. I check my phone and see a couple missed calls, and 2 messages from my psychologist. 1 wondering if I'm going to make it, 2nd saying she is worried something bad has happened to me since I wasn't responding and I absolutely never missed an appointment beforehand. I wrote back when I woke, apologising profusely, and thankfully she is a forgiving and very caring person towards me.
But this guilt around it is so incredibly strong, and for hours. It's completely engulfed me. This huge sinking hole feeling in my chest. I still feel so guilty, and it's pulling up sorrow, much loudeclearer visions of SH and worse things. She said she understands and not to worry or beat myself up over it, but why hasn't this emotion reduced in intensity yet after 9 hours? I don't know if this is just normal to feel this way and at this intensity, or if it's a BPD thing or anything else.
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2021.10.27 10:48 nowforever13 yall see that big ole chungus of a candle?

yall see that big ole chungus of a candle?
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2021.10.27 10:48 baybulatov Coupons for 👌 Okey SUPEREL with 9 colors to choose

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