2021.10.27 10:15 Free_Introduction875 hi

hi jack was wondering if you could sell me a 100k play button for £500
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2021.10.27 10:15 autistic_polarbear My (in my opinion) beautiful lil' pupper. Sivert, 6 months old, Whippet.

My (in my opinion) beautiful lil' pupper. Sivert, 6 months old, Whippet. submitted by autistic_polarbear to rarepuppers [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 10:15 KiaMoon1 Tips for nailing a phone interview?

I have a phone interview scheduled for next week. Any tips you all have will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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2021.10.27 10:15 andrew9360 New Look: 61 Terrace

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2021.10.27 10:15 ekim1712 Turkey's secret message

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2021.10.27 10:15 EN-US-1972 I don't even know what they're trying to circle

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2021.10.27 10:15 NissaLynn Flowey Pumpkin

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2021.10.27 10:15 TuneAway Yikes

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2021.10.27 10:15 Visible_Chance5712 Good morning. A bit deaf cuz the volume is screaming!!!

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2021.10.27 10:15 cysec_ Foundation updated brief and overview of the 1st voting measure

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2021.10.27 10:15 ParisLake2 What is your most unpopular Paris Saint-Germain opinion?

What is your most unpopular Paris Saint-Germain opinion?
I’ll start, although I suspect many of you already know what I’ll say:

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2021.10.27 10:15 okgreattt LF: Graphic Designer for poster-size invites. Attached pegs

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2021.10.27 10:15 mouha_hamza How can I receive my pages in French?

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2021.10.27 10:15 Tiny-Magazine-3308 What is the name of the dollop ep........

I looking for the ep that is about a running race across America in terrible conditions for $20,000 prize money
....can't find it and would really love some help
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2021.10.27 10:15 Sofushelding Does anyone know what the retail for the flames puffer jacket was? Thanks

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2021.10.27 10:15 MyHomeNature I am very surprised that it can grow so beautiful.😎

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2021.10.27 10:15 Picopede Should You Update To macOS 12 Monterey?

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2021.10.27 10:15 TheProjectReturns The End of Day 4

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2021.10.27 10:15 BlueberryLegitimate2 No push down pre market. A different plan for the day?

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2021.10.27 10:15 Nickisconfused1 Anyone need a minimalistic logo design???

Hi I’m in college, just like most students I need money, I have made several logo designs in my past and I’m very flexible with what you want and changes you need, I only charge $5 for a sketch and if you like it the final is $15. Please let me know if you’re interested
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2021.10.27 10:15 chixmagnet Kalinga Accountant Tops PNP-SAF MAG-ALAB Class

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2021.10.27 10:15 obiwantheonlyone "Against Your Own" - Angry Cinematic Diss Track Type Beat

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2021.10.27 10:15 Dangerous_Land_777 TELL ME YOU COVERED WITHOUT TELLING ME YOU DIDNT COVER 😂😂🚀🚀🐸🐸

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2021.10.27 10:15 Winterfresh00 S12 What do you think happened with Clara and Ryan?

Giving this clusterfuck of a season a break for a minute. What do you think happened with Ryan and Clara after decision day?
Their relationship always confused me a little bit. I couldn’t really get a good read on Ryan. I think he was very stand-offish especially when he attempted to communicate his feelings, and giving Clara reassurance and comfort. But anytime they were together, they always were affectionate (her legs being across his, arms around each other).
He always seemed like he had reservations about the relationship, and Clara seemed hurt by his cold behavior. I definitely thought Clara was going to say yes, but to be honest I was surprised Ryan did too so I thought maybe he was just trying to be private and maybe they were actually committed to making it work.
Then it seemed like things were going well for them - they tried to buy a house together, the planned commitment ceremony. Then it all turned to shit, and they broke up. I’m still lost as to what was the demise of their relationship. Does anyone know what happened or have any ideas?
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